Chamet – Arripayment Wallet

Chamet application is a platform that offers a unique feature: the ability to provide salaries to both agents and hosts exclusively through the Arripayment wallet. This innovative approach ensures a seamless and secure payment process for all parties involved.

With Chamet, agents and hosts can easily receive their salaries directly into their Arripayment wallet. This not only eliminates the need for traditional banking methods, but also provides a convenient way to manage finances. The Arripayment wallet offers a range of features, including the ability to transfer funds to a bank account or an ePay account.

By utilizing the Arripayment wallet, Chamet application ensures that salaries are delivered promptly and securely. This streamlined process eliminates the need for additional intermediaries, reducing the risk of delays or complications. With Chamet, agents and hosts can have peace of mind knowing that their earnings are handled efficiently and with the utmost care.