Become Chamet Agent

Chamet Agency offers an opportunity for individuals to become agents and invite girls and sub-agents to participate in live video calls with strangers. This platform allows girls to engage in conversations with people online and earn a substantial income. As a Chamet agent, one can benefit from earning a good commission by facilitating these interactions. Additionally, the hosts, mainly girls, have the chance to generate a significant income through the Chamet application.

By joining Chamet Agency, agents can create a network of girls and sub-agents to engage in live video calls, providing them with a platform to earn money. The girls participating in these calls have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people and receive compensation for their time and engagement. This system allows for a mutually beneficial arrangement where agents, sub-agents, and girls can all profit from their involvement in the Chamet application.

In conclusion, Chamet Agency offers a unique opportunity for individuals to earn income by connecting girls with strangers through live video calls. This platform provides a space for agents to facilitate these interactions and earn commissions while enabling girls to generate a substantial income as hosts. With its focus on live video conversations and financial incentives, Chamet Agency presents a lucrative option for those looking to capitalize on online engagement opportunities.

To determine your commission, you need to consider two main factors. Firstly, calculate the commission earned from your hostesses by multiplying your commission ratio by the total daily cashable amount generated by all hostesses.

Next, compute the commission from your sub-agents by subtracting their daily commission ratio from yours. Multiply this difference by the total daily revenue generated by each sub-agent under your supervision.

Remember, the commission ratio can fluctuate based on the combined earnings from the last 30 days. It is crucial to stay updated on these changes to accurately calculate your commission.